TRIPLE-S is an insurance brokerage firm, founded on February 2001 in Mansourieh El Metn, offering Security and Safety Services. Though its young years, the company managed, and through the continuous efforts of its founder Johnny El Ghazal, to gather an important group of clients around it, clients that became lawful members of TRIPLE-S family benefiting from high standard Security and Safety Services.

TRIPLE-S team underlines adequate and friendly customer service and emphasizes on providing insurance policies and programs that answer the specific needs and requirements of each client, and has demonstrated throughout the years its ability to provide everlasting security and to build long-term confidence and reliability.

TRIPLE-S experience in various products ranging from medical and life covers, to personal and work accidents, motor coverage and travel, theft, and fire policies as well as a various range of policies designated to specific clients and work lines, have lead it to its current prominent position in the Lebanese brokerage market.

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